Podcast Episode 12 – With Zack Williams

Branding Your Potential and Experience for Desirable Output with Zack Williams

June 15, 2022

In this episode, we’re joined by Zack Williams, a digital marketer and a podcaster. He is the founder of ROI Marketing Firm proving why they are one of the fastest-growing digital marketing agencies of 2020. Personally, Zack is a father and a husband and according to him, her lovely daughter is a girl dad.

For the better part of his illustrious career, roughly 13 years, Zack has worked and helped companies of all sizes grow. Some of these companies include Ford, Peterbilt, Redbull, and the other he actually helped grow from $42,000 a year to $500,000 in nine months.

What is really intriguing and resonating about him is his mission to educate and motivate people who are tired of working for a job. Tune in to listen to these and much more.

Key Highlights

[01:00] Zack’s background and personal info

[03:28] Transitioning from an employee to a business owner

[04:20] Balance between personal and working life

[05:25] Knowledge base, honing your craft, and staying in your lane

[11:30] “Gurus” and Zack’s mission

[17:47] Thomas Keenan’s Book – Unf**k your business

[20:12] Personal branding and staying true to you

[27:38] Public speaking knowing your ideal demographic

[32:00] Outlook on life – the accident experience

[34:00] Using social media for branding

[37:03] The Arizona event and its impact

Notable Quotes

  • No matter where you are at, you still make mistakes, right? Learn from it. – Zack Williams
  • You know what the difference between someone that is trying to start out a business and one already doing it is information and experience- missing links, they make a business what someone will consider a well-oiled machine – Zack Williams
  • If you love what you do, you never work a day in your life and I am honored to have the ability to say that. But a lot of that enjoyment comes from paying attention and honing in your craft. – Zack Williams
  • I don’t care who you are or how much you think you might enjoy something, if you do not have a knowledge base there’s no way you can convince me you actually enjoy what you do. – Zack Williams
  • If you are constantly second-guessing yourself, questioning yourself, having to go do a bunch of research and figure things out, like you do not have a solid foundation or education on what it is that you want to do, I have a really hard time believing that you are going to enjoy it – Zack Williams
  • Know your lane and stay in it, know that you are going to have to put other pieces of the puzzle in play. At the end of the day, you may not be a good business owner, you might just be a good plumber, or be a good electrician – Zack Williams
  • I think everyone every day is in sales so however you want to spin it we are in sales at the end of the day- Zack Williams
  • If you want to think like a business owner, you’ve got to find things that will improve the organization, and sometimes guess what that problem worth improving might be you- Zack Williams
  • Whether it is an intrapreneur or solopreneur, or an entrepreneur, find people that actually care to be in that seat that they’re all in or the lane that they’re in. – Zack Williams
  • The thing you’ve got to understand is that $10,000 a month at the end of the day is still a job. But to some, that’s a day’s pay. It’s a high paying job, yes, but it’s not a business – Zack Williams
  • My mission is to teach people more about what to expect realistically versus all the sunshine and rainbow dust. – Zack Williams
  • Thomas Keenan- Unf**k your business. If you really want to be a good owner, focus on your $1000 an hour tasks and your $10,000 an hour tasks and that’s the way to truly scale your business- Zack Williams
  •  In order to brand yourself try and recreate the wheel – in your business there going to be competitors try and recreate their strategies while still staying yourself. – Zack Williams
  • You need to know who you are to the core and like what kind of image or message you are trying to put out there – Zack Williams
  •  Look at the people that you look up to and make the best out of them. Take bits and pieces of everything that they are doing that you think are cool – Zack Williams
  • In marketing you need to understand paramount things: you need to attract the right customer but also need to learn how to repel the wrong customer – Zack Williams
  • Be happy and proud of who you are and don’t take anything at all for granted our experiences in life are meant to teach us – Zack Williams


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