Podcast Episode 13 – With Taylor Armstrong

How to become a good salesman by Taylor Armstrong

June 22, 2022

In this episode, I speak to Taylor Armstrong, who specializes in solar sales. Taylor is a solar energy saving expert and a host of the Solarpreneur podcast. Sales and public speaking go hand in hand and as such, a good door-to-door salesman has to have a good understanding of the off-the speech delivery technique.

Besides, they should be able to adapt quick to situations and practice calmness while presenting their ideas. Furthermore, Taylor reveals that as a salesman, you should be able to build rapport with your clients so that they can trust the product you are bringing to them thus making the process easier. Tune in to listen to these and much more!

Key Highlights

[01:06] How Taylor Armstrong  six year solar sales carrier began

[01:07] #1.Having public speaking skills

[01:22] #2. Rented podcast for two and a half years

[01:45]#3.Enhancing speaking skills

[02:20] Door to door sales for good sales man

[02:44]#1: Understanding off –the- cuff speech delivery

[03:08] Enhancing off-the-cuff speech delivery

[03:38] #1: Practice calmness while speaking

[5:37] #2: Adapting quick to situations

[5:47] Toastmasters speech preparation

[06:25] #1: Identifying your goal

[07:38] Sales conversation

[08:14] #1. Adapting quick to different situations

[10:24] Capturing clients attention

[14:30] Sales process

[16:04] Building a rapport

[21:57] Closing a problem

[28:37] Intertwining

[31:32] Solar problems

Notable Quotes

  • Facts tell and stories sell.- Philip Sessions
  • You can do as many simulations as many role plays as possible, but nothing is going to be quiet – Taylor Armstrong
  • Just like with speaking, I think you just gotta dive in, you just gotta jump in headfirst, because you’re never really going to be super prepared – Taylor Armstrong
  • If you can learn to adapt quickly to situations, then it’s gonna help and pretty much everything you do in life – Taylor Armstrong
  • If you take jujitsu and boxing, like they’re both gonna benefit you, you know, in different ways – Taylor Armstrong
  • You don’t have time to plan, you just got to come up with something – Taylor Armstrong
  • Thinking quick, you’re transitioning, you’re figuring out how to adapt to different situations – Taylor Armstrong
  • Comedy and just figuring out ways to ease the tension is just huge for us because it can take a guy from all stressed and pissed off that someone’s at his door – Taylor Armstrong
  • It’s good to be able to read body language as well, which can probably improve where you see that and talk about that a lot more – Philip Sessions
  • Yeah, and so the typical sales process you’re you have just like you’re doing a prepared presentation, you have the steps you go through – Taylor Armstrong
  • It’s really good at the presentation about how you figure out what the problem is so then you can provide the solution. – Taylor Armstrong
  • The important skill for probably everyone that’s listening to develop, whether you’re in sales or not, just like if you need to figure out how to get people that think there’s a problem. – Taylor Armstrong
  • If you’re having to sell that hard on stage, and you’ve probably shouldn’t be on the stage, just because it should be more of a captive audience. – Taylor Armstrong


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