Podcast Episode 14 – With Sebastian Rusk

Why Faking Your Way Till You Make It Does Not Work In Public Speaking

June 29, 2022

Play the part until you become it because
faking will work to some extent but will never sustain you in the long run.
Daily, strive to learn the techniques, weaknesses, and strengths to succeed in
public speaking. The use of words is very detrimental to what we want to
achieve. Believing in faking it till you make it identifies your
unauthenticity. It depicts becoming somebody that you are not or acting out of
integrity. Join this conversation where Sebastian Rusk shares the secrets to
becoming a success in your podcasting journey and public speaking through more
than a decade in public speaking. 


Sebastian is an entrepreneur, speaker,
podcaster, and the author of Podcasts SUCK!: (if you don’t have one). He is
the president of the Podcast Launch Lab to help Entrepreneurs and Marketers
launch successful podcasts. If you want to start a podcast, Sebastian has all
the information you need.


Tune in!


During this episode, you will learn

[00:01] Episode intro and a quick bio of Sebastian Rusk

[00:27] Sebastian’s podcasting journey

[01:48] The podcasting hurdles he had to go through before going on his own

[07:37] The birth of his ‘Social Buzz TV.’

[10:09] Noble lessons that Sebastian learned from his mentor

[14:38] Common challenges in the public speaking space

[22:55] Your speaking techniques & goals you should embrace no matter the season

[26:22] Strive to become it, rather than faking it

[27:35] The 2016 paradigm shift in his character development & public speaking career

[34:39] How the Covid pandemic birthed his first book

[37:28] Why personal development is a lifelong process

[38:40] How you can reach out and connect with Sebastian

[39:54] Episode wrap-up and calls-to-action


Notable Quotes

   If you make enough noise, someone will come to knock on your door –Sebastian Rusk.

   Destiny helpers are missing out in your life because you are not showing up-Sebastian Rusk.

   If you happen to build a brand, make sure it is personal. A personal brand is your reputation-Sebastian Rusk.

   Always give value even if no one appreciates it-Sebastian Rusk.

   There is no special sauce to becoming a speaker. if you want to become a speaker, start speaking at any opportunity –Sebastian Rusk.

   Do not just fake it till you make it. Rather, strive to be it-Philip.

   Podcasting will change your life and business if you let it-Sebastian Rusk.

   Be so good that they can’t ignore you-Sebastian Rusk.

    Keep showing up that you will no longer need to introduce yourself-Sebastian Rusk.


Resources Mentioned

  1. Podcasts SUCK!: (if you don’t have one) by Sebastian Rusk: https://www.amazon.in/Podcasts-SUCK-you-dont-have/dp/0578757664/
  1. The Thank You Economy
    by Gary Vaynerchuk: https://www.amazon.com/Thank-You-Economy-Gary-Vaynerchuk/dp/0061914185


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