Podcast Episode 16 – With Doug Mitchell

How To Build Your Confidence In Sales Public Speaking

July 13, 2022

In this episode, we’re joined by Doug Mitchell, the president of Argenta Field Solutions, a sales company specializing in the door-to-door referral-based and B2B for 12 years now. He’s also a sales team consultant and a podcast host of Building Great Sales Team. 

Doug has also done some public speaking, helped sales teams out and is a strong leader with an amazing podcast, Building Great Sales Teams. He started his career marketing and sales manager, working with six-figure businesses, which made it easy to transition to his own company.

What is intriguing and inspiring about Doug is how he discovered his zone of genius, worked on it and was able to beat imposter syndrome. As a marketer making 300 grand a year, he was thrown in the lines and had 6-figures owners looking at him. But working on what he was best at made him come alive and be more confident. Tune in to listen to these and much more.

Tune in!

Key Highlights

[00:01] Introduction to the show

[01:18] Doug’s career background and personal info

[03:39] What makes Doug so confident to speak in front of people

[06:21] How to humanize yourself and be confident in public speaking

[09:43] Importer syndrome and how it affected Doug initially

[11:35] How to build your confidence working in your zone of genius

[15:19] Practical tips on how to do sales and leader training

[20:14] Doug’s experience in his start-up and his transformation

[23:28] Superpower in sales: Good sales organization

[26:58] Making your impact your motivation in any speech

[27:37] Legacy:  The one message that Doug would speak for the rest of his life

[34:35] How to reach out, connect or learn more about Doug

Notable Quotes

  • In order to get confident in public speaking, you need to know your product very well – Doug Mitchell.
  •  A lot of speakers do their best in Q/A; it will enable you to disarm and make the conversation natural – Doug Mitchell.
  • No matter how small or big your name is, people will remember you more when you humanize yourself when you get on stage. – Doug Mitchell.
  • Beautiful things happen when you are working in your zone of genius. – Doug Mitchell
  • If you are trying to get more confident, find your own zone of genius and niche down to it – Doug Mitchell.
  • Structure, knowledge and humanization are important when training sales team and leaders – Doug Mitchell.
  • Sometimes when you want to be a great speaker, you have to put in reps; go after every event’s stage to screw up and get reps behind you- Doug Mitchell.
  • No one can give you great criticism than your significant other- Doug Mitchell.

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