Podcast Episode 17 – With Mills Bender

Be Afraid but Do it Anyway

July 20, 2022

In this episode, we’re joined by Mills Bender. Mills is a financial coach, speaker, author, and the founder and owner of Mills Knows Bills (TM). Her passion is teaching others how to stop living pay check to pay check, pay off their debt twice as fast, and reach their financial goals.

Mills Knows Bills is a company dedicated to helping anyone and everyone gain Personal Finance Literacy through free courses and free tools. Anyone can access the courses and tools as often as possible because Mills believes everyone should have financial freedom. To access your FREE Budget Setting Tool, subscribe to MKB’s email list found at millsknowsbills.com!

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Key Highlights

[00:01] Episode intro

[01:15] A bit about Mill’s backstory and what she does in her space

[03:08] Managing her pregnancy emotions and handling clients

[04:57] You don’t always have to talk. Take time to listen

[07:51] How Mills started one-on-one consultation services

[10:56] Structured vs unstructured presentations and the benefits of each

[15:34] How Mills got over the fear of public speaking

[20:16] Her greatest focus during public presentations

[25:57] Effective will she has found to close on presentations

[29:03] Be afraid but do it anyway- the message you will share forever

[31:13] How to reach out and connect with Mills

Notable Quotes

  • Money is emotional. – Mills Bender.
  • Listening is essential for effective communication. You don’t always have to speak. Listen to the audience – Philip Sessions.
  • Don’t deal with the skill set. Deal with the results. – Mills Bender.
  • A topic is easier for you or the clients you are coaching, but it does not make it easy for everyone else. – Mills Bender.
  • Be afraid but do it anyway – Mills Bender.
  • No matter what phase you are in life, something will always instill fear in you. Whether it is self-doubt or lack of information, do it anyway – Mills Bender.
  • Fear should never keep you from moving forward- Mills Bender.

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