Podcast Episode 21 – With Jeremy Shreifels

Creating your stage

August 10, 2022

In this episode, we’re joined by Jeremy Shreifels, Percussionist, Producer, Author, and Public Speaker. He has been bringing music to broad audiences for more than two decades. His focus across all these art forms is an emotional connection, bridging lyric, rhythm, and melody to best serve the vision of both his own creations and those of the artists he works with. Personally, Jeremy is an avid coffee-lover, dedicated father, and husband.

Jeremy has a passion for combining music with speaking. Tune in to listen to these and much more.

Key Highlights

[01:27] How did Jeremy overcome the fear of public speaking?

[06:21] Building calmness into speaking.

[13:26] Getting on stage for the first time.

[21:00] Being okay with failure.

[22:28] The Biltmore Event.

[25:08] Why to pick a venue.

[27:14] The meaning behind Wavelength Sessions.

[29:03] How to pick the speakers.

[40:39] Jeremy’s most powerful message.

[41:13] How is Jeremy showing up?

Notable Quotes

  • It doesn’t matter if we’re speaking to rooms of 5 or 50 or 5000. It should be the same performance – Jeremy Shreifels
  • You have to suck to be good – Jeremy Shreifels
  • Show up and never give up – Jeremy Shreifels


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