Podcast Episode 33 – With James Golden

Stop Waiting for Opportunities but Create Them

September 21, 2022

In this episode, we’re joined by Stacy Raske, an award-winning coach, bestselling author, podcaster, and speaker. She is the go-to expert when it comes to creating strong boundaries, working through imposter syndrome, balancing masculine and feminine energy, influential leadership, and elevating your legacy to become legendary.

In this episode, we’re joined by James Golden. James is the owner of Golden Consulting, Inc, and he got a start within the world of business consulting and entrepreneurship at the age of 19. What started out as a part-time job, he turned into a 23 years career and passion for helping municipalities across the u.s. save tax dollars, maximize their annual budget and increase the condition of their roadways.

When he is not advocating for roadway preservation, James enjoys helping others in the course of pursuing and becoming the best version of themselves through his Good to Golden podcasting personal and group coaching initiative.

Interestingly, for 21 years, small and medium-sized Maryland businesses and non-profit organizations have trusted Golden with their IT needs.

Tune in!

Key Highlights

[00:00] Introduction intro and a quick bio of the guest

[01:46] How James overcame the fear of public speaking by being thrown in the fire

[09:17] What it’s to go back and review your previous speech 

[12:48] How to adequately prepare for a public speech

[19:06] How to build your speech on the same concept and message

[23:39] Tailoring your message and niching down to an audience

[26:05] James’ experience niching down his speech to provide value

[29:02] James’ strategy for speaking to government entities

[33:19] How James started getting in front of municipalities to grow his business

[39:42] All it takes is a desire to do something, and people will support you

[45:31] If you can’t find opportunities to flourish, create one

[49:19] The one message James would speak for the rest of his life and why

[54:22] How to reach out, connect or learn more about James

Notable Quotes

  • You don’t need to be perfect. You need to strive for excellence. – James Golden.
  • Public speaking is above and beyond. You must be prepared, real, authentic, and deliver to add value.- James Golden.
  • Start by adding value at a smaller level and keep doing it to grow to a higher level.- James Golden.   
  • Everybody in a leading role in any organization started from somewhere.- James Golden. 
  • The fastest way to grow is to keep adding value consistently to smaller audiences.- James Golden.
  • If you are willing to invest in yourself, people will also start investing in you.- Phillip Sessions. 
  • All fears are solved in mind first, surviving them and then reflecting on them.- James Golden. 

Let’s Connect

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