Podcast Episode 37 – With Liam Chase

Building Your Money Muscle

October 5, 2022

In this episode, we’re joined by Lian Chase. Liam started his crypto Journey in 2017, although he never truly understood the power of crypto until he spent three years helping investors acquire and understand the benefit of precious metals.

During the three years, he learned everything he could about microfinance, the financial system, how money works, Wall Street, and much more. It was ultimately this period that led him to the aha moment of Crypto in 2020, where he discovered a lesson known as sector crypto that he has implemented to not only help himself generate passive income with crypto strategies but also to help others tap into the power of crypto and the passive income it can provide

Liam is passionate and dedicated to his work of empowering others to take advantage of the freedom that crypto offers.

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Key Highlights

[00:00] Introduction intro and a quick bio of the guest

[01:08] A bit about Liam’s interesting journey and his aha moment

[02:53] How Lian overcame the fear of public speaking

[04:15] How Lian transitioned from metals to crypto

[07:21] Early investors of Bitcoin and how it has evolved  

[09:54] Investing in different crypto assets  

[13:07] How Lian got on stage in the beginning

[15:10] How the 3 years in metal transpired into working full-time crypto 

[21:40] Brand identity; Lian’s business shifted after changing from NFL to a personal profile

[23:19] Building your authority and presence on social media

[29:12] The one message Liam would speak for the rest of his life and why

[32:30] How to reach out, connect or learn more about Liam

[32:54] Ending the show and call to action

Notable Quotes

  • Not every crypto is looking to replace the dollar or to be a currency; they are crypto assets. – Lian Chase.
  • Just like we’ve different investment classes in stocks and real estate, it’s the same with crypto assets.- Lian Chase.
  • What you want to do dictates the kind of crypto asset you will utilize for your specific purpose.- Lian Chase. 
  • Consistency will always win; showing up consistently over time is what makes people great.- Lian Chase.
  • Invest in yourself first and build your money muscle before investing in anything else. Lian Chase.

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