Podcast Episode 39 – With Jerry Gerken

Personalizing Your Message on Stage

October 12, 2022

In this episode, we’re joined by Jerry Gerken, a 6-figure salesperson and sales trainer who has been on a couple of stages on how speaking impacts our sales. He started his career in sports as a wrestler, which took him to many different places nationally and internationally. He wrestled in 6 championships throughout his career in the 80 and 90s.

Jerry also got into the marine corps for a short time and later entered the sales industry. He had an education degree but couldn’t find a full-time teaching job, so he got into the car business out of necessity. It was worldly successful, and a few years ago, he decided to jump into the coaching space,  

What is intriguing about what Jerry does is his target to help young salespeople identify and establish a simple and seamless process where they can be worldly successful without going to the old school mentality of transactional selling but focusing on relationship selling.

Key Highlights

[00:40] Jerry’s background and personal info

[03:13] How Jerry got over the fear of public speaking

[05:58] Memorizing and personalizing your message

[08:18] Selling your message with emotions and logic on stage

[10:37] Creating emotions when you’re engaging with your audience

[17:01] Getting on the local university stage and how Jerry got there

[22:18] Things Jerry did that got him on stage in front of students

[25:12] How to refine your speech and your message 

[29:48] Overcoming fear by investing in yourself

[32:02] What Jerry focuses on speaking about in stages

[36:29] The one message Jerry would share for the rest of his life

[37:32] The best places to reach out and connect with Jerry

Notable Quotes

  • Your audience doesn’t have the script memorized, so when you make a mistake, you must continue rolling forward because the message has to continue to go. –  Jerry Gerken.
  • You are going to make mistakes; you are going to mess up, but as long as you continue to practice, rehearse, memorize, and personalize whatever the message will be, you can infuse that message however you want in different states – Jerry Gerken.
  • We are all salespeople, whether we know it or not. – Jerry Gerken.
  • Memorizing and personalizing are huge because we live in a time when authenticity and transparency are the new range. – Jerry Gerken.
  • If you’re authentic and transparent in your message, some people will resonate with you, and those are the people you want to connect with. – Jerry Gerken.
  • Speak your message with emotion, get your audience gigged up to whatever your story is, and then logically close the deal. – Jerry Gerken.
  • If you continue to grow as a human being, you will always have more content and value to add to the marketplace. – Jerry Gerken.
  • The same information on different stages will be different because you’re in a different state of mind and world. – Jerry Gerken.
  • Don’t allow the enemy and the little voices to tell you that what you’ve doesn’t have value because it has. – Jerry Gerken.
  • Great speakers are always telling stories and painting pictures that relate to their message. – Jerry Gerken.
  • We all have an internal compass, we all know right and wrong, we all know what the next right thing is, so do the right next thing. – Jerry Gerken.


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