Podcast Episode 4 – With Brian Wright

How writing a book will get you on stage

APRIL 20, 2022

Brian K. Wright, The founder of Brian Wright International, host of Success Profiles Radio and publisher of Success Profiles Magazine. Brian is a multi published author and helps people publish their own books.

Today’s Episode Summary:
Brian and Philip dive into the world of literature and marketing as they discuss the importance of getting YOUR story out there and different strategies for creating the most impact with your book. 

What You Will Learn from this Episode:
You will learn about author/radio host/entrepreneur Brian K. Wright and how he was able to turn his passion for writing and serving others into a successful and IMPACTFUL business. 

The Episode Timeline:
0:34: Brian tells us a little bit about himself. 
2:45: In entrepreneurship, you can decide who you work with, which is a beautiful thing. 
4:38: Philip describes his experience of writing a book without a ghost writer. (Grab your copy here http://speakingsessions.com/index.php/book/)
5:28: John Maxwell publishing story
7:03: How does a book help you out with branding yourself? 
8:56: What are some Call to Actions that you could include inside your book? 
10:39: The book is just the beginning. 
12:38: Philip explains how his book is doing so far. 
13:55: What’s more impactful? A book or a podcast?
16:26: Brian explains the different subscription options to his website
18:20: Brian discusses why he is comfortable promoting himself and his products. 
20:05: How to turn your podcast guests into business leads. 
23:12: Mindset shift from “needing to work with” to “wanting to work with.” 
25:04: The importance of raising your prices as your skills grow. 
30:20: Philip and Brian discuss the importance of building one business at a time. 
32:58 Stop doubting yourself. You have a powerful story that people need to hear! 
36:39: Brian describes what it’s like to be a ghost writer for other people. 
38:25: Final question for Brian 
40:57: How you can find Brian’s work online. 

Golden Nuggets from Episode: 
1. Having a published piece of work is likely to give you more credibility as an expert on the subject, and people will naturally be more inclined to want to do business with you over someone who doesn’t have a book written at all. 
2. There are many POWERFUL marketing strategies that you can utilize once you have published your book.  For example: One of Brian’s clients created an online course, and then Brian wrote a book based on the client’s course.  The client can now use the book to direct people who aren’t familiar with him yet towards his online course for further knowledge and understanding of what the client has to offer.
3. It’s important to have a Call to Action included in your book.  To get clear on what this would be, ask yourself these questions: What do you want people to do, believe, or act after they’ve read your book? For example: Do you want them to join your community or buy something else? Do you want them to hire you to be a coach or be on stage? Get clear on what you want. 
4. It’s wonderful to have a book because it is a legacy item and can effectively convey your message.  A podcast and speaking on stage are wonderful as well because people can now experience the energy of the person who wrote the message firsthand. 
5. Be strategic when setting up your subscription options for your website. For example, Brian’s website, the first 7 days is a dollar, then there’s a monthly fee, there’s an annual fee, and there’s also a “pay once and never pay again” option which is the equivalent of paying annually twice…so why WOULDN’T they buy that!? 
6. When you raise your prices, you attract a different caliber of client. For example, when buying a car, some people don’t want a Nissan or a Hyundai, they ONLY want to buy a Lexus or a Cadillac because they are attracted to higher quality cars. 
7. It’s important to focus on building ONE business at a time.  It’s easy to get distracted by every new shiny trend and try to be like the mega successful millionaires that have 7 different streams of income.  However, the fact is that they all focused on making their first million dollars with only one business first and THEN they branched out into other ventures. 
8. Many people have the limiting belief that nobody will want to read their book.  The truth is that you DO have a powerful story and people DO need to hear that message.  Even if your experience, strength, and hope only helps ONE person get through their struggle, it will still be worth it. 

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