Podcast Episode 41 – With Michael Burns

Stay Loyal to your Potential and Build a Lifestyle you Want to Live

October 19, 2022

You can do and be whatever you want, but it all starts with taking personal accountability. No one is coming to save you, and no one will do it for you. It starts with a decision, a plan, a commitment, and an action. Let’s explore how this can work in your life by listening to Michael’s story of how he became a public speaker, how he has used his fears to move forward, and what he has learned along the way.

Michael Burns is a Real Estate Investor, Broker, Lender, and host of the Freedom Lifestyle Experience Podcast. Being a self-made millionaire Michael Burns shows you how to build the lifestyle you want to live. From building businesses and making money, wearing a Rolex & flying first class to having a sexy marriage & being spiritually connected… the only limits in your lifestyle are the ones you give yourself.

Key Highlights

[00:43] Meet Michael Burns and know his backstory at a personal level

[03:20] How Michael got over the fear of public speaking

[05:32] The spiritual journey that gave him the momentum to start speaking

[09:57] How it all began with creating an event at his residence

[12:07] Meet-ups he had before being asked to be on someone’s stage

[16:28] Michael’s modes of reaching his clients

[18:33] What he posts online & how they affect his chances of being on stage

[26:52] The six pillars to a life of freedom that you should cultivate 

[33:00] What works best between a small mastermind vs. a huge conference

[40:55] The one message Michael would share for the rest of his life

[47:56] Golden key takeaway from the guest

[42:23] The best places to reach out and connect with Michael Burns

Notable Quotes

  • The only best way to get over the fear of something is to go through it. –  Michael Burns.
  • Despite your success ladder, you can still have a fear of public speaking. However, knowing your WHY will keep you stronger to overcome it. – Phillip Sessions.
  • Spirituality is about getting in touch with yourself and your purpose. – Michael Burns.
  • What you post on social media matters greatly. You can’t post some random message if you aim to be on a speaking stage. – Phillip Sessions.
  • You are best suited to speak and teach the person you are. – Michael Burns.
  • If you don’t start incorporating social media in your business and life, you will literally ‘die.’ People no longer get time for TV – Michael Burns.
  • Whether you are aware or not, people are closely watching you. Do your best and be the best role model. – Michael Burns.
  • Until you get sick of your ‘shits’ and limiting beliefs, it will be challenging to make a difference in your life. – Michael Burns.
  • No matter where you are in life, there’s always an opportunity to reach the next level. You are the only one that is standing in the way. – Michael Burns.
  • Progress is always an option if you make it. – Michael Burns.


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