Podcast Episode 43 – With Jacob Noland

Comedy And Imprompt Speaking

October 26, 2022

In this episode, we’re joined by Jacob Noland, one of the comics in the Greenville scene, and he is a complete savage. He is a vicious roaster and joke writer and has performed stand-up comedy in Greenville, Atlanta, Asheville, and recently New York City.

Jacob is also an outside sales rep for a packaging company. He has a background in public speaking, speaking at high schools and churches.

What is more intriguing is that Jacob is just turned 25 years old, is in his first year in standup comedy, and is cracking it. He’s going to share about comedy and imprompt to speaking and how you can leverage imprompt classes to get better at speaking.

Key Highlights

[00:50] Jacob’s background and personal info

[01:39] How Jacob got over the fear of public speaking

[04:13] How to create good jokes and an engaging performance

[07:41] Jacob’s experience sitting down in a standup comedy

[12:32] How to prepare an impromptu standup comedy speech

[15:23] Working with crowds and making your comedy memorable

[19:26] Responding to the extreme mistakes on stage memorably

[21:15] How Jacob would react if his pants fell on stage

[25:54] Impromptus speaking and how it helps in life

[27:16] Jacob’s one message that he would share for the rest of his life

[32:03] Finding your channel and getting the message out

[35:16] How to reach out, connect or learn more about Jacob

[35:52] Greenville local comedy zones coming up

Notable Quotes

  • Don’t worry about it, just get on stage and do it, it doesn’t matter if you are bad. Most people that do it are bad. – Jacob Noland
  • Audiences love impromptu stuff and things happening at the moment. – Jacob Noland
  • Silence is a very powerful tool, and flubbing it is also very powerful. – Jacob Noland
  • Extreme things on stage are memorable, but what is even more memorable is how you respond to the extreme happenings– Jacob Noland
  • Just one little joke can have a way of re-erasing what is happening. – Jacob Noland
  • Impromptu speaking forces you to become comfortable in silence, which will eventually make you more articulate and concise. – Jacob Noland
  • If you are honest and open, you can have thriving and long-lasting friendships. – Jacob Noland.
  • Every person has a message; every person has something to say, and that is why whenever you’re speaking on stage, people are drawn to you because they think of the same thing but don’t know how to communicate it, and they love hearing someone who can do it. – Jacob Noland
  • Not everyone is meant to be a pastor; not everyone is meant to be a podcast; not everyone is meant to be a comedian but finding a channel to get the message out of you is beautiful and powerful. – Jacob Noland


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