Podcast Episode 45 – With Alundas Havens

How Podcasting is an Essential Part to grow your Brand Awareness

November 2, 2022

Join today’s conversation with Alundas Havens as we talk about how podcasting is an essential part of growing your brand awareness. Alundas is the CEO and Founder of Alpha Influence Media, host & Founder of The Winners Paradigm & Alpha Influence Media Podcasts (Top 2.5% In The World), a USMC Veteran, and a Keynote Speaker.

After getting kicked out of his home during high school, Alundas decided to join the United States Marine Corps to get some discipline back into his life. He got to a prestigious Enlisted Rank 6 position when he tore his cartilage and had to rethink his life.  At 23, he used his Veterans Affairs (VA) loan to become the first in his family to get a house. While going through a tough transition from the military, he listened to an Underdog Empowerment podcast with Zachary Babock that changed his life. He decided to start a podcast and work for himself – another first in his family to become an entrepreneur! 

His Alpha Influence Media now helps people recalibrate their mindset when they want to make a change but don’t know where. Now, he’s back in college, getting ready to graduate using his GI bill and thinking about getting a doctorate!

Key Highlights

[00:54] Meet Alunda Havens and get to know him at a personal level

[06:18] How Alundas overcame the fear of public speaking

[11:21] Secrets to building his confidence in public speaking

[15:45] The need to understand your audience and Alundas’ strategy

[20:27] Alundas’ podcasting background and how it has helped him

[23:24] How can a podcast help you be strategic in building your influence

[26:19] Tips to get better at doing interviews on a podcast

[29:14] How you can make a guest who’s hard to open up do so

[32:02] How do you interject a guest & keep the conversation in the direction you want

[35:50] Alundas’ one message that he would share for the rest of his life

[37:44] How to reach out, connect or learn more about Alundas Havens

Notable Quotes

  • If you don’t stop stressing about what other people think about you, you will never go past the fear of public speaking. – Alundas Havens
  • If you can emotionally connect to what you are talking about, it makes it easier to influence people. – Alundas Havens
  • The first step to building confidence in public speaking is to realize that an audience is not there to judge you but to listen to your message. Deliver with enthusiasm–  Alundas Havens
  • Every time you give value to people, the rewards will always come back in the form of business, even if that was not in your plan. – Phillip Sessions
  • Core values are the catalysts to all of our successes. – Alundas Havens


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