Podcast Episode 49 – With Adam DuPuis

Create a Message around your Story

November 16, 2022

In this episode, we are joined by Adam Dupuis. He’s the guy who is all things barbecue. He transitioned from there into firewood selling to residential homes and commercial restaurants. He ended up creating the #1 Subscription Box in the US around barbecues.

Join this exciting episode as he tells us about his speaking journey, how he has gone through a couple of stages, and how speaking helps him with the subscription box. Adam also talks to us about how he differentiates himself from the other firewood guys in his circle.

Know how Adam learned to be vulnerable and create a message from his story on brain surgery. You will learn how Adam got the courage to tell his story and how you can as well use your story to change other people’s lives.

Key Highlights

[02:21] Adam’s background & how he started the #1 BBQ Subscription box in the US

[06:30] How mastery of good communication with people has helped him stand out

[08:53] Steps to open your Subscription box in any industry

[09:56] How Adam’s generosity of sharing information helped him and business

[11:38] Adam’s message when called on speaking events

[14:07] How he went beyond his fears to talk about his experience in brain surgery

[16:22] Interactions with the crowd after giving that speech

[19:04] Why our problems in the world are limited

[19:57] Ripple effects when you share your message

[24:13] Stop carrying heavy burdens on your shoulder by speaking it up!

[27:43] You can create a message around your story too!

[28:43] Adam’s encouragement to people who have undergone surgery

[31:39] Adam’s one message that he would share for the rest of his life

[36:04] How to reach out, connect or learn more about Adam Dupuis

Notable Quotes

  • Don’t fear telling people about everything you know or do. They will not run away from working with you when they know your holy grail. It works the opposite. – Adam Dupuis
  • If someone’s courage can help you get out of your comfort zone, reciprocate that too. – Phillip Sessions
  • Purpose is the trigger, and interactions are the justification. – Adam Dupuis
  • Don’t let excuses hold you back. Do the work regardless of what’s happening– Phillip Sessions
  • Create a message around your story. You may never know the ripple effect you may have on people’s life. – Phillip Sessions
  • Doctors may know a lot, but they don’t know about you. – Adam Dupuis
  • The more you work on yourself, the clearer you hear what the gut is telling you. – Adam Dupuis.


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