Podcast Episode 53 – With Matthew Roda

Refine your Message and get Prepared for Speaking Opportunities

November 30, 2022

The speaker is a key factor in the success of any speech besides his content, the delivery, and the audience. These skills must be learned and practiced in ways such as knowing your audience, refining your theme, and preparing an outline. Listen to this episode with Matthew Roda, learn how to use these skills, and position yourself for speaking opportunities on someone’s stage.

Matthew Roda is the founder and co-owner of Roda Marketing and the host of the Battlefield Mastermind. Everything he does is for his family because his number one core value is FAMILY FIRST. Matthew’s purpose on this earth is to positively impact lives. He speaks to audiences of all sizes about the APPLY method, which gives people the know-how and confidence to strive for personal excellence on a daily basis, in all areas of their lives.

Tune in and get ready to take notes!

Key Highlights

[01:18] Meet Matthew Roda and know him at a personal level

[04:23] How Matthew got over the fear of public speaking

[09:38] Opportunities should find you actively engaged in something

[14:35] Refine your message theme before a speaking opportunity comes

[18:47] Matthew’s journey to the stage and the tips you can implement

[24:25] You need to let people know that you need a platform to speak

[25:01] Matthew’s feelings and emotions about an upcoming event

[37:50] The one message Matthew would share for the rest of his life

[39:26] Golden takeaway nuggets from the guest

Notable Quotes

  • Opportunities should find you doing something. –  Philip Sessions.
  • People will trust you for what you tell them if you speak with authority from your experience. – Phillip Sessions.
  • People don’t sell themselves to speaking stages. You have to ask for a speaking opportunity on someone’s stage. – Phillip Sessions.
  • You will get nowhere if you don’t ask for what you want in life. – Matthew Roda.
  • Everything happens for a reason it was meant to. – Matthew Roda.
  • If you share a message and change only one person’s life, you have accomplished a purpose. – Matthew Roda.
  • Practice makes you better. – Philip Sessions.
  • Whatever you want in life, go out to the world, do the work and take a step towards it every day.– Matthew Roda.
  • If you are the kind of person who gives up when bad things happen, you will never achieve your dreams.– Matthew Roda.


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