Podcast Episode 57 – With Ann Lightman

How To Organize Successful Events

December 14, 2022

In this episode, we’re joined by Ann Lightman, an emotion-healing life coach at Awesome People Group, who has been a life coach for 20 years. Ann started out as a fitness coach but realized she was helping people with their emotions and other things and wanted to do more.

After shifting from fitness, Ann worked as a teacher in elementary and high schools. She was then invited to work in a college and later with students in universities around the world before getting into coaching to work with people who wanted to develop themselves.

What is intriguing about Ann is that she has also coordinated and organized events for fundraising, team building, and training for small and medium-sized businesses and is going to help us understand how to create successful events.

Key Highlights

[00:40] Ann’s background and personal info

[04:19] How Ann got over the fear of public speaking

[06:15] How Ann got into the event organizing space

[08:16] The logistics behind planning different events

[10:24] Ann’s tips on how to create a team building events

[13:38] How to build the setup, venue, and market for an event

[20:17] Inviting diverse audience Vs. Similar audience

[23:30] Things to have at the minimum with a limited budget

[27:21] One message that Ann would share for the rest of her life

[30:02] How to reach out or learn more about Ann 

Notable Quotes

  • Each event is different and unique; start by identifying what you’re trying to achieve with the event and what the goals are and working from there. – Ann Lightman
  • When holding an event, the venue is very important; everything else can be changed and modified, but the venue has to be booked first. – Ann Lightman
  • If you want sponsors in your event, start calling them long before the event; this is the first thing you want to do after booking the venue. – Ann Lightman
  • Narrow your niche when you’re starting out and building your platform to connect with the people who relate with you. – Ann Lightman
  • We collaborate with other professionals who have already built their platform to leverage their platform, and they leverage our platform, and that is how we grow together – Ann Lightman
  • As long as the messages are weighed, and the delivery is awesome the visual is not really as important, but if you don’t have either that a problem. – Ann Lightman
  • There are different things for different people, and that is the same with events; most people will focus on your venue, but always focus on your message, and end goal. – Ann Lightman
  • Your goal for an event will help you identify the things you really need to make sure you can achieve it. – Ann Lightman.
  • When you get a venue, don’t focus too much on writing or decorations; focus more on how you want to deliver your message because that is what people will be talking about after everything is done. – Ann Lightman.
  • Focus on things that are important to you, keep your peace of mind, try to stay happy, and don’t allow other people’s ideas and images of you to change you; the only person you need to make happy is you. – Ann Lightman.


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