Podcast Episode 59 – With Clifton Muckenfuss

Becoming The Authority In Your Space

December 21, 2022

In this episode, we’re joined by Clifton Muckenfuss, an entrepreneur with an extensive background in sales, marketing, and leadership. He’s a co-founder of several service-based companies, one of which is a multi-million-dollar home improvement company.

Clifton has a passion for hyperfocused clients experience, and his company has won numerous awards for service excellence. He’s also super energetic, results-driven and currently serves as director of coaching in Win Rate consulting, which specializes in contracting home service businesses

What is fascinating and resonating about Clifton is his passion for helping small businesses, especially in the contraction home improvement space, to understand how to own a business and not own a job.

Key Highlights

[01:55] Clinton’s background and personal info

[04:33] How Clifton got over the fear of public speaking

[09:40] Good ‘Salespeople’ don’t necessarily make great ‘leaders.’

[11:50] Moving from an operator to a leader and business owner

[14:19] How Clifton helps business owners work on their communication

[16:39] The EOS, entrepreneurial operating system

[19:36] Become a true leader and help others ascend to leadership

[20:49] How to reach out and learn more about Clifton

[22:52] How to communicate effectively to people about trade industry

[26:12] Getting in front of people and becoming the authority

[29:09] Practical tips on how to get out there and create engagement

[33:34] One message that Clifton would share for the rest of his life

[36:15] Focusing on your WHY, even if it’s your family

Notable Quotes

  • Most trade people are good at their specific disciplines what they lack is the business fundamentals. – Clifton Muckenfuss
  • There is no book that can replace the experience in your mind– Clifton Muckenfuss
  • The worst thing that can happen is taking your best-performing sale manager and all of a sudden making them sales manager. – Clifton Muckenfuss
  • Just because you are good in sales doesn’t mean you are good at leading people; it’s a completely different skill set. – Clifton Muckenfuss
  • As leaders, it’s our job to help our team understand the mission and vision of the company and how their roles fit in the vision. – Clifton Muckenfuss
  • As coaches, we often see things in our clients that they have no idea exist, so help them see beyond their current role and if they want, help them get there. – Clifton Muckenfuss
  • A true leader is one that pours on to the people in their team to help them become leaders; if the people in your team are not ascending into leadership positions, you’re not a leader yourself, – Clifton Muckenfuss
  • If you don’t share what is in your mind, what is in your head and file cabinet, you’re selfish. – Clifton Muckenfuss.
  • Your children don’t care how much money you make; they don’t care how big your business is or how hard you work; they care about the memories you create with them. – Clifton Muckenfuss.
  • Be intentional with the people in your life; when you die, it’s not your business that will carry on, but the memories and the legacy you have created with the people you love. – Clifton Muckenfuss.


Clifton Muckenfuss

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