Podcast Episode 7 – With Erik Allen

Stay true to yourself and effectively promote your podcast

May 11, 2022

Today’s Episode Summary: Eric shares his story of overcoming the adversities of being raised in a broken home, battling addictions, jail, and bankruptcy, and how he was able to turn these tests of life into a powerful testimony through his podcast.   

What You Will Learn from this Episode: You will learn the exact DM strategy that was a GAME CHANGER for Eric and how he was able to use this strategy to get one of the biggest names in the entrepreneurial space onto his podcast.  

Both Philip and Eric drop knowledge bombs on how to stay true to yourself, lean into your uniqueness, and effectively promote your podcast. 

The Episode Timeline:

2:17: Eric tells us a little bit about himself. 

3:49: Eric has to live in a garage and protect his mom from abuse. 

5:36: Eric decides to give his life to Christ. 

7:00: Manifesting meeting Ed Mylett.

9:34: The game changing DM strategy.

14:33 Let your uniqueness solidify who you are. 

15:30: Humble beginnings for Eric’s podcast. 

18:55: How Eric can help YOU improve your podcast. 

21:34: Talk about your passion.

25:24: What are you bringing to the table? 

27:23: Eric gives Philip some recommendations for his podcast. 

30:16: How often should you promote your podcast?  

34:38: Constant and never-ending improvement 

37:30: How you can reach out to Eric. 

Golden Nuggets from Episode:

  1. Get creative and find a way to STAND OUT to your potential podcast guests when approaching them to be on your show. 
  2. Let your uniqueness solidify who you are.  Often times the flaws that you may be a little insecure about are actually blessings in disguise because they will help people remember who you are.  
  3. Talk about your passions and don’t try to fluff it up with a bunch of unnecessary hype that isn’t authentic to you and your message. You will be AMAZED at how many people are passionate about the same things you are no matter how niche the topic. 
  4. NEVER let the fear of the unknown or being considered “self-centered” hold you back from promoting yourself. If you never promote yourself, then you will never get the opportunities that you desire and that you’ve been working so hard for!
  5. Never ending improvement is VITAL for success. You can never get complacent in your skill set because there is always more to learn and more work to be done. 

Connect with Erik:

Website: https://erikallenmedia.com/

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Connect with Philip:

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