Podcast Episode 9 – With Ky Logue

Overcoming negativity and poverty by Ky Logue

May 25, 2022

In this episode, we are joined by Ky Logue. He is a real estate investor, entrepreneur, podcaster coach, and the owner of “We Buy Sad Houses”. Ky broke free from a life filled with negativity and poverty. Besides, his mission is to help as many people as he can do the same thing. He narrates how he tackled life hardships, the plans, and the executions as well. Tune in to listen to these and much more!

Key Highlights

[01:13] Connecting and being around the right people

[03:17] Joining groups (Apex)

[04:35] Getting out of the comfort zone

[05:20]How marriage shaped Ky Logue’s carrier path

[06:30]#1. How his wife influenced the dynamics

[07:55]Importance of having different lanes in a business partnership

[09:05] Doing things one day at a time

[09:10] #1: Focusing on winning the day

[12:41] Taking incremental steps towards your goal

[13:35] Appreciating the little things you have

[14:37] Feeding yourself with positivity

[15:01] Focusing on your path

[16:44] Starting a podcast

[19:33] Influencing other people

[19:56] Overcoming a negative mindset

[24:41] Creating the course process

[25:16] # 1. Writing down your goals

[26:03] # 2. Breaking down the steps

[29:55] Getting ready to get going

[35:00] Editing videos

[36:37] Taking things one day at a time

Notable Quotes

  • Being around people that are thinking bigger than you is a huge thing.- Philip Sessions
  • Get out of your comfort zone- Ky Logue
  • You know, for the first time I realized there are other people like me out there, you know, that wants success that want more in life, and that actually is focused on giving and, you know, want to help you get to that next level. – Ky Logue
  • Importance of having different lanes in business partnership – Ky Logue
  • Having your own clearly defined path is huge. – Ky Logue
  • All you can do is take things one day at a time – Ky Logue
  • Today is here and now is all you can control. – Ky Logue
  • Once you win enough days, you can start winning at life, you can start achieving those goals and analogy, it’s one step at a time, right one step at a time.- Philip Sessions
  • As you go towards a goal, once you know that goal, of course, you start trying something to get you there. And as you build upon the daily tasks and everything, more things open up, you start figuring out. – Philip Sessions
  • It’s, it’s all about just trying to take those incremental steps to get there- Philip Sessions
  • Having that gratitude. It really changes your attitude, maybe the gratitude attitude, kind of thing. But really just being grateful for even the little things can be the smallest things.- Philip Sessions
  • Whatever you look for you will find-  Ky Logue
  • We’re focused on where we’re going, rather than just looking off somewhere else. – Philip Sessions
  • What’s important is really helping at least one person, as long as I can affect one person and change their life. – Philip Sessions
  • Constantly feed yourself with positivity because, you know, there are studies that if you don’t do that, you’ll automatically revert to negativity – Ky Logue
  • It always gets better – Ky Logue


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